The African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) is an umbrella youth network of African based youth organizations, university groups, rural youth groups, schools, and like-minded individuals.

The initiative (usually referred to as the movement) was conceived in 2006 in Nairobi Kenya, during the second International Conference of Youth preceding the UNFCCC, COP 12. The main reason for its founding was to ensure the inclusion, and active participation of youth voices from the south, and specifically Africa, in the international climate change negotiations. This was needed as the young people in Africa are almost half of the population and are most affected by climate change impacts- as well have the most potential to support Africa to take action on climate change

Since 2006, this initiative has continued to connect, share knowledge, ideas, experiences, skills, and strategies on youth action around the continent on climate change mitigation and adaptation. It has been acknowledged by African ( as well as international) youth as providing an effective platform to allow young people from Africa to address regional challenges at international gatherings, such as the UNFCCC, CBD, UNCSD, AU forums, ADF among others.

Key youth organizations and individuals in Africa were involved in the founding of the initiative and still continue to play a critical role: JVE Togo & JVE International (Young Volunteers for the Environment, AYICC Kenya, YEN Zambia, Energy Crossroads East Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia, GYCCC Ghana, Nigeria youth climate Coalition, South Africa, Children for Children Organization- Gambia, Ethiopia, Morocco, Sierra Leone, REJEFAC-Cameroon, Action Solidaire, Cameroon, Benin, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Rwanda among many others.

Now the initiative has national chapters in 31 African countries and focal points in 35 countries. Some of them have been well established since they formed part of the founding team, while others have just been established and have had an immense growth in the past year. African youth in the Diaspora include those in Denmark, UK and US.

The members of the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) address the bigger picture of climate change by appreciating its links with sustainable development.

In this regard, they link climate change with key development challenges, like poverty alleviation, agriculture, health, education, economic growth, urbanization and migrations, governance among others.


To develop capacity and strong partnerships among African youth so that they may understand the urgency of the situation and take action against the impacts of climate change for both present and future generations.


An African continent with an empowered and united youth movement, proactively involved in the decision making process and the adoption of sustainable options towards a better climate and social equity.

Our Objectives
  1. Develop and increase the capacity of youth in climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  2. Influencing policy dialogues related to youth and sustainable development (from national to international levels);
  3. Build a generation of young servant leaders who are passionate about the environment ;
  4. Support and facilitate youth innovation towards addressing climate change challenges in Africa ;
  5. Support research for development among youth to increase understanding of the climate change- sustainable development nexus;
  6. Facilitate establishment of grassroots youth networks, programmes and strategies to support the above objectives

 Our strategic priorities in achieving these objectives:-

- Policy dialogues

- Networking and partnerships, including South/South and South/North.

- Communication and Education

- Precaution strategies


- Service

- Integrity

- Passion

- Representation

- Gender equity

- Geographical balance

- Transparency and accountability

- Democracy