December 14, 2009

10 Billion Trees for the planet

How many trees have you planted? Did you know that trees provide a cheap, politically correct, achievable solution to climate change? In our basic primary school science, our teachers told us that trees breath in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. Though we have deepened our scientific understanding of this process, the then amazing sounding facts remain true today as they were then.

To safeguard this significant ecologically role of the trees, our very own Nobel Laureate, Prof Wangari Maathai, joined over 400 danish school children on a winter tree planting event a couple of kilometers from the Bella Centre in Copenhagen where climate change negotiations are going on. In total, about 2,000 native tree seedling were planted.

Falling back on playful and innocent children ways of communicating, Prof asked the children to dance and sing to send a message to the negotiators. "Dance and wave if you want to send a message to the governments meeting down the road that you want them to do the right thing for all the children," Prof Maathai said.

The trees will be registered under the UNEP driven billion tree Campaign. UNEP'S Director of Communication used the opportunity to report the tremendous achievements of the campaign. He said that 10 billion trees have been planted up from 7 billion in September which shows a huge leap in citizenry engagement. This is way above the original target by the campaign of 1 billion trees. He reported that Ethiopia and China are among the leading tree planting nations (Does this sound like a wake up bell for our country? This time round not our serikali but you and I)



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