December 8, 2009

South-South, COY 5 and a whole bunch of Kenyans!

Karibuni, Welcome, Everybody to the blog for the Kenyan youth team in Copenhagen this December! Please read on for a quick update on how the negotiations are going for us so far…

Well, after many months of hard work, fundraising and preparing for this big event, here we are! We already have a large team of Kenyans, the largest of any African country, and more still to come. From just 4 youth from all of Africa last year at Poznan, its great to already have twelve youth just from Kenya. Here in Copenhagen at the moment we have Ruel, Winnie, Papa, Waiganjo, Megh, Modrine, Bruno, Stephen, Grace, Kevin, Sylvia and Maya (with several more friends still to come!)

We started off on Friday the 3rd with the Conference of Youth from the Global South. It was great to finally meet all our Latin American, Asian and African counterparts for the first time after so many months of organisation and communication over skype and email. An important part of the day´s discussions was trust-building and strategy, both necessary if we are to successfully take the interests of the youth of the south to higher platforms.

On Saturday and Sunday many of us attended the 5th Conference of Youth. This was a momentous occasion, the largest Conference of Youth on climate so far, with over 1000 youth. So much was gained from the exchange and networking that this conference brough: more stories from the weekend to come! (watch this space)

And now we’re on the second day of negotiations. There is a huge amount of ground-breaking stuff going on so please visit this site again, we’ll be giving regular updates!



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