December 14, 2009

We are the World's Hope - Scientifically! (Waiganjo meets Dr. Pachari!)

That the climate is changing is indisputable. The changes and effects thereof are projected to intensify in severity and magnitude; not withstanding that there are doubting Thomases who still hold contrary beliefs. This was shared with us by Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Chairman Inter Governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) when he spoke to over 100 global youth here at Bella Centre in Copenhagen Denmark.

The discussion was particularly important as it served to strengthen youth's resolve to continually urge world leaders to agree on a legally binding, fair and equitable deal despite the apparent lack of commitment from our leaders especially from the developing countries.
Dr. Pachauri reminded the youth that they are not only the world's only hope in this debate but they will be most impacted on by climate change. ' Though now a cliche, I dare say that you will be most affected by climate change as opposed to the old folks who are currently negotiating' Said Dr. Pachauri amid wild cheers from the youth.

After his intentionally short presentation, Dr. Pachauri fielded questions from the youth representing the global diversity from Bangladesh, Kenya, China, Northern Ireland to the US. As such, the debate was primarily audience driven granting the youth a rare opportunity to reflect on the latest science of climate change especially as is contained in the IPCC 4th Assessment Report which clearly states that climate change is mainly caused by anthropogenic (human) activities.

The day will indelibly remain engraved in my memory as I not only got a chance to listen to Dr. Pachauri one on one, but had the honour of moderating the session. It really felt humbling to walk and sit by his side.Truly, am not moved by people and Pachauri gave me an excitement that I have only felt once in 2006 when I met the then UN SG Kofi Anan durin the UNFCCC COP12.

To reiterate his commitment to work with the youth, Dr. Pachauri said he would leave all else to attend a session like today's. 'I would stop all that am doing to be address a group like this' He also expressed his wish to get such an opportunity in future to share with the youth.
Preempting the debate on leaked emails showing that some scientist within IPCC do not believe that climate change is real and to tone down my introduction of the IPCC as the supreme scientific body, Dr. Pachauri said that they are under constant attack from people who still hold that the climate is not changig. He however said that such attempted acts of sabotage will not stop the body from undertaking its duties, equating the cynics to those who still hold that the earth is not round but flat



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