January 14, 2010

Where To find AYICC Kenya and Other Youth This weekend 16th January 2010

After the long year planning and going to COP 15. The team of AYICC Kenya youth at COP 15 is throwing this open Bush Party to all of the Kenyan youth on the Saturday 16th Januray at the ololosokuan "savannah resort" in Ngong, Nairobi Kenya.

A bonding session and goat party this Saturday, is with the aim of further strengthening the relations of our youth networks and chat the way forward for the bright year 2010.
We felt of importance to have this event because we have come from far and achived so much, we have dedicated all our energies to climate change and even forgtotten our personal lives, as we reflect what we did last year there we shall have session to share our startegic plan for the year and our plan of activities.
Every young person in Kenya is welcome not only to join us on Saturday but also to join us in AYICC Kenya for the whole year and beyond.
Beautiful projects and partnerships are on discussion right now, and it will be a high time, you hear what you can do with the rest of the youth to address Climate Change.
Just a Hint on what we are planning for this year is a Climate Change Month with a Roadshow around the country. Come and listen more of this as you eat the Nyamachoma, hike, and plan in the caves in Ololosukuan!!!

Why young people anyway?
Its is our time, its our energy, its our opportunity that is now open. Run and sieze the opportunity to change the worlds before you get old!



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