February 16, 2010


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The suns' rays penetrated the cool humid Mombasa afternoon skies .The breeze swept by, giving all a much needed refreshing feeling. On the streets everyone went on with their activities with vigour, marveling at the good the day had brought forth. A great moment was in the offing no doubt, all evident in the eager faces that gathered at Eco-ethics International boardroom as the wind gently blew outside. Inside, the atmosphere was cool as the fan furiously rotated. The moment was ripe, and so it was that AYICC-Kenya Mombasa Chapter was born, in a quiet, serene boardroom located in Mombasa's Ganjoni area.

It was a poignant moment as speaker after speaker stressed on the importance of youth to work together so as to combat climate change. This would be through workshops, seminars, walks, talk shows and many other activities. The youth from the coastal region are eager and psyched up for this new phase they are taking on. It will be a long journey but one that has to be taken, step by step to the ultimate goal, a highly sensitized population, a sustainable coastal community.

For many this is a dream come true, an idea conceived at the 2009 National Youth Climate Change Conference (NYCCC) at Kasarani Sports view Hotel by a group of youth representing the region at the forum. Now it's a baby that must be nurtured to growth.

The Coast region is particularly vulnerable to climate change with threats of sea level rise, submerging of some islands and flooding due to melting of icecaps. That the climate is greatly changing in this region is no longer in doubt, the issue is how to go about protecting people, communities and ecosystems from these effects. The major challenge that the chapter has to address is low levels of awareness on climate change in the region.

Eco-ethics International where the meeting was held will play host to the Coast Chapter. Coastal youth have shown the way and AYICC-Kenya hopes to establish chapters in other regions of Kenya in the near future. The youth in these regions remain the vehicle through which climate awareness will spread to the widest reaches of Kenyan communities.

As we welcome this new development an enduring question still remains: What can we do to make a difference, change perceptions and secure our future and that of generations to come? The answer is simple yet not so practical to most: You are the change you want to see in society, it all begins with you!



  1. I am excited to read this. Lets keep on growing and reaching out to more young people to take action!!!

  2. Very stimulating!!!!!!!!!!! lets roll AYICC mombasa

  3. Thank you for suporting us.Debra Odungo-Coast Chapter

  4. Sounds good that the network is growing!

  5. This is a great read. Thanks. Yes, the ultimate challenge to a so vulnerable social group (coastal community)is little or no information and the little there's, mostly misinformation!! This in turn poses a great threat to the ecological communities that then face double tragedy;that stems from natural disasters, and the other from anthropogenic sources. These work synergistically to exacerbate pressures on both communities thus reducing ability to adapt/resist, bounce back/recovery and absorb/resilience. I work under the realm of climate change and coral reefs with great emphasis on the biological and physical ocean.

  6. go ayicc. u doing great.http://kitetoutreach.blogspot.com

  7. Yes, Mushamba mwenyewe from Kitale has a credit for the ayicc team. You make us proud. We are right behind you, with prayers and morale. Where I am, i bending down my knee, with the sleeves of my trousers folded, on my marks set to jon the team through the hard rough trip to Durban, Africa should know that we mean business.

    Walala David from Kitale
    Tel +254711850057

  8. talk about the climate not non sence

  9. Is AYICC - Mombasa still operating?