February 6, 2010

AYICC Kenya Nominates Nowergian Church Aid the youth NGO of the year, 2009

It was time to celebrate the achievements of the Kenyan youth in 2009: The National youth conference on Climate Chnage held in November 2009, attended by over 100 youth from all parts of Kenya, the Environment Secretary, Heinrich Boll Foundation, Oxfam GB, Nowergian Church Aid,Kenya Private Sector, UNEP, PACJA, Christian Aid, Earth-watch Institute, Universities, Members of Parliament and Media Houses.
This could not have been possible without the support of the Norwegian Church Aid office in Nairobi. The organization that believed that young people can be given a chance to organize their own event, and actually have it happen as they desire with no interference by the organization. They believed that young people have the capacity, and gave them the platform to proof it.
I can really mention all they they supported Kenyan youth with but just a few:-
- Provided a platform for the Kenyan youth from different organizations to meet and form a Network, Kenyan Youth Climate Network, which would enable them to address climate change issues in the country as one voice,and the major outcome of this network was the conference.
-Provided the meeting space for five months. The youth met once or twice a week at the NCA Board room to plan for their events.
-Their hospitality while at the NCA office, including the teas and the snacks as we held the meetings and even argued hours on end.
-Financial support for the National youth conference on climate change. They persuaded other partners like the Oxfam GB to as well support the conference.
-Human resource support for five months, not only did we have a host, but we also had the staff supporting us in all that we did.
-We cant forget Isaiah Kipyegon, the Communication officer, and in charge of youth programmes, who was always with us,and part of us, Theresa who ensured that we got finances and the conference content ready,and other staff in the office who assisted in logistics.
-NCA as well supported a Kenyan youth, Stephen Mwakesi, to COP 15 and this was really of significance in magnifiying our voices.
-Finally, NCA is still supporting dialogue among the Kenyan youth on how to build the youth movement to ensure that it is more consolidated and that it widens its thematic areas while at the same time, identifiying and maintaining its visibility at its niche.

Its for these reasons that AYICC Kenya thought of appreciating NCA in a special way.A shield and a spear are quite a symbolic gift give to the NCA at the beginnig of 2010. Its to signify the successes of the organization in the year,and the great victory they will have over all their organizational hardships. It also symbolizes the partnership and friendship that will forever exist betwen the youth and NCA.



  1. Kudos to NCA for being a friend, a partner, a fellow change maker....and an inspiration

  2. Long live NCA,we sincerely appreciate your support.

  3. We do really appreciaate NCA for believing in us young people and supporting us in our work..