May 10, 2010

Earth Day Kenya! The Youth Factor!

'Celebrating and conserving biodiversity: The youth factor'

‘‘The library of life is burning, and we do not even know the titles of the books’’ Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, former PM, Norway
To mark the Earth Day 2010 the Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) Kenya held a forum on biodiversity at the University of Nairobi’s Ufungamano House. The event ran from 2pm-5pm on the 22nd of April 2010.Invited speakers included Dr. Joan Kagwanja from AGRA, Mr. Paul Mbole from the Norwegian Church Aid, Dr Mwaura from the University of Nairobi, Isaiah Kito of Norwegian Church Aid and Waiganjo Njoroge of AYICC Kenya
In the boiling heat of that afternoon speaker after speaker spoke at length about the youth and the role they need to take on. Indifference, one speaker emphasized was the cause of our current predicament; not far from the truth for this is what young people need to carefully think about now. It can work, a world that is sustainable was the general consensus among young and old people alike including Prof. Ratemo Michieka a University of Nairobi Professor and former NEMA Director who had braved the searing sun to be part of this significant function.
There were questions to be asked and answers to be given and both speakers and the participants did their part well. Kenya definitely needs more of such informative sessions. The resounding message at the end of the forum was that we are biodiversity, that we cannot do without nature but nature can well survive without us. Even when we die, biodiversity still has to escort us home’ noted Dr Mwaura.
The challenges facing biodiversity abound, the question of invasive species rings closer home now than ever before, what with the invasion of Prosopis juliflora commonly referred to as Mathenge? The enduring question is what can youth do to save their biodiversity? Such forums are definitely one of the ways to go; holding sessions to share information among others, but most important is that we have to put our words to action: walk the talk. AYICC Kenya will continue playing its role in the hope that desired change will be achieved by the youth. Think! It all starts with you!

‘Who has said that the earth sings no more?......No, it rings, muffling moans and whines, with its wounds, with its scars, with its craters, after all our earth is our soil…that surrenders to no violators!(Song of the earth)

Compiled by:
Winnie Asiti
Communications Team leader, AYICC Kenya



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