June 2, 2010

Kenyan Youth Vegetarian for 6 Months for Climate Change

I just received this message on the AYICC Kenya Mailing list, which was thrilling to me. Whats your small action this year?
It's now 6 months since the the BROCKEN HAGEN deal blew us. Well to youth, this was a rivitalization for the quest to fight even more harder.

On a personal level, I dedicated my life and sacrificed the delicacy of Kenya, THE NYAMA CHOMA . I have been in vegetarian for the past six months and since it was my target, very soon I am going to walk right inside the choma place to have my first bite in six months. This is going to take place after we shall have celebrated the WED and the WOD on 5th and 8th june respectively.

This is the time I also call upon the entire Kenyan youth to be ready to sacrifice all that they can for the sake of mother nature.
Here is a very resourceful link on vegetarianism v/s global warming.




I wish you all a greener fight for the next half of the year.

merci beaucoup tout le monde et bon travaille vert.

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