July 13, 2010


Every morning when i get to the office i always have the first task of the day, to read the emails from my young colleagues world wide and respond to them before i can start the day's work.
At times i got immense requests, at times complains, at times campaigns to take part it, at times even requests to attend conferences, workshops and seminars.
But at times i get emails that move me most. Emails informing me of what other young people, in their own small ways have been upto. They try to describe as much as possible how they have been trying to address the climate challenges in their own countries and reach out to more young peoplem and the local communities.
I got one such forwarded email this morning ,and it has inspired me to continue sharing such information with all of you out there. You can post your comments to encourage Castory Ntullu in Tanzania, who feels alone even after achieving too much in his work with rural communities.
Working for the government, but still believes in change agent as a young African, and ready to do all it takes to bring change in his country.
Dear Samantha, Phil, Ely, Grace Mwaura,
Members of 350.org, AYICC, EC and other Climate Change Activist.

First of all, I would kindly like to express regret for my silence, as I have been so quite for a very long time, and I know that some of you might know the reason for my silence, for those who don’t know it is just that I got an employment in my Government and unfortunately I have been posted to a very remote area, where there is no even electricity from the National Grid, we use Solar energy, and there is no internet service there at all. Frankly speaking, I am not happy with this job at all, because it made me and above all makes me to miss a lot of opportunities out there.

I know a lot has been done, and many are planned to take place in different parts of the world, though I have been silence from getting in touch with you but I have done a lot concerning the climate change issues and energy here in my country particularly in the Region which I am working in. I in association with other community members in Singida and Kigoma Region have managed to put some effort in preserving our natural forests, and educate the members of the community on how they can utilize their land effectively for their own good, without destructing our natural heritage, as we all know that most of African communities, they depend on biomass fuel (Charcoal and firewood), so we encourage the members of the community to plant more trees in their land, so that they can easily get firewood and charcoal without causing any harm to our natural forests.

I tried to raise public awareness on environmental conservation and community participation on mitigation and adaptation to climate change. In short is that I have a lot to share with you guys, am sure one day we gonna get an opportunity to meet and share these experiences. I always believe that, this is our time, to bring changes to our Planet Earth, the changes that will make our world to be a better place for living, not only for the present generation, but also for the future generation.

I would just like to tell you that I will always remain active and energetic young environmental enthusiast, and still I will use my time and my resources for Climate Change campaigns, I am just praying to my God so that I can be transferred to town where I can be able to get in touch with you guys more often as it was before, so that I can instantly get in touch and work hand in hand with all climate change activist.

I have missed you all, and I hope that in the future we gonna meet again, so long I believe that it is 350.org, EC, AYICC etc, which connected us, put us together without any racial segregation, and made us to work together under the same roof, there is no doubt that it is the same organizations which will make us to meet again in the future.

Be blessed all!

Castory Ntullu
Climate Change Activist
Member; 350.org, EC, AYICC, JEMA, TAYEN etc
P.O.Box 71776
Dar es Salaam
Tanzania/East Africa



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