August 16, 2010

AYICC Kenya at the 13th World Scouts Moot


After many months of preparation, the 13th World Scout Moot officially kicked off in Nairobi, at Rowallan Scout Camp from the 28th of July 2010. A colorful ceremony that was graced by the President of the Republic of Kenya, H.E. Mwai Kibaki, signaled the beginning of the 10-day long event.Starting 2nd August, the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change- Kenya (AYICC Kenya) set up camp at Rowallan, the Scouts Regional Bureau.
Based at the (Global Development Village) area where we ran a workshop until the 5th of August. It was the most interesting workshop. Our workshop aimed at achieving the GDV education objective of Environmental Conservation and Management. It was exciting as moot participants trickled into our tent which was among the most interesting and colorful at the GDV village. On exhibit was a Forest cover model and indigenous tree species courtesy of Kenya Forest Service, Copies of the National Climate Response Strategy, Copy of Kenya Atlas of our Changing Environment; Environmental DVDs:- The Invasive hyacinth Weed in Lake Victoria, Conservation and Protection of the Environment(Wetland system for Shimo la Tewa, Coast province and Solid Waste and Chemicals management (Clean up initiative of the Nairobi Rivers Basin), courtesy of MEMR( Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources) through Shangari Communication, Green house models, an energy saving stove, Bags made from waste material and polythene shopping plastic papers., The Environmental Atlas among others.
We also had a PowerPoint presentation on climate change and DVDS on environmental issues. The bags were the most interesting to most participants who marveled at the efforts by young people to recycle waste in a way that generates income. They also learnt about ways in which they can make their environment better though sustainable living strategies such as energy conservation through walking or cycling, switching off lights e.t.c. Of key importance is that most participants committed to planting more trees when they go back to their countries as well as taking part in environmental conservation activities in their organizations (mostly scouting groups). It was one amazing week full of challenges for us and a learning experience too. On the last day AYICC Kenya donated 20 indigenous tree seedlings which had been on display to Rowallan Camp. This was made possible courtesy of the Kenya Forest Service Headquarters. A hard copy of the National Climate Change Response Strategy Book courtesy of Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources, was donated to the Rowallan Camp.

Compiled by: Winnie Asiti

AYICC Kenya Moot Crew: George Auko, Winnie Asiti, Edna Njunu, Michael Kabari, Richard Omondi and Peris Kavata



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