August 30, 2010


‘‘Humanity should at its very least take care of its own’’

In a bid to give back to the community AYICC-K through its Reach Out Programme (ROP), a programme which was to identify a children’s home in need. And Watoto Wema children’ home was subsequently selected. On Sunday 15th 2010, a group of AYICC-K member made the inaugural visit to Watoto Wema children’s home.
Through the members’ contributions collected each Wednesday during our meeting over 8,000Kshs was collected. With this we managed to budget for the kids to supplement the little that they had. We took with us the following:
ü Maize
ü Wimbi for porridge
ü Beans
ü Cooking oil
ü Wheat flour
ü Rice and
ü Sugar.
Our visit to the home coincided with a farewell party which was organized for three ladies from Germany who had volunteered their time and energy in teaching the children for the last three months. As such, there were so many performances ranging from the dances, modeling to playing football. It was also great to talk to the children and listen to them share about what they feared the most and the challenges that they were going through.
It was great that among those who came with us, some volunteered to help in rehabilitating the centre. Bishoy, an Egyptian civil engineer volunteered to help with the planning of construction for permanent home for the kids to be locate in Ruai. He also said that he would talk to his friends to come and help on the same.
Mukiss, a social worker and graduate from KU, responded immediately when the management explained to the group that some of the kids were in need of psychosocial support. She said that she will be going to assist in bringing up the kids morally upright by talking and interacting with them. Joshua Minai, AYICC-K’s project and programs coordinator said that he will be taking his free time to teach the kids.

It was a day full of joy and cheer for the kids, the management was happy and grateful. Those present went home contented that they in a small way had made a difference in a kid’s life; put a smile on their little tiny faces so full of dreams……
This is just but a beginning.
Compiled by: Richard Omondi AYICC-K crew at Watoto Wema children’s home, Winnie Asiti, Joshua Minai, Joash Olwande, Raisa Naicca, Bishoy Maher, Mukiss and Richard Omondi



  1. Congratulations!
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  2. hello, I have been here too last two years ago.. splendid time and kids..
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