September 24, 2010


AYICC Kenya runs a program known as the Rural Energy Enterprise Network (REEN).

REEN’s main mandate is to map out groups working on projects on energy efficiency. This includes firewood stoves, charcoal Jikos, biogas, solar, among many other sources of energy.

Yiting Wang, an Intern at the UNEP and a Chinese national, has been very instrumental in pushing this agenda forward. With the help of the rest of the coordinating team, REEN has already identified three groups that are up and running. They are:

  • Tembea Youth Sustainable Development in Ugunja

  • Ruiru Youth Community Empowerment Programme (RYCEP) in Ruiru

  • The Kijabe Environment Volunteers (KENVO)

REEN envisions itself to be the leading network for energy initiatives in Kenya and a resource centre for energy initiatives in Kenya.It also hopes to serve as the resource hub for youth enterprises on energy initiatives in Kenya and a reference point for energy efficient projects in Kenya

REEN's Mission is to identify, encourage and promote local-based, simple but workable innovations towards energy efficiency and to improve the livelihoods of the rural folk through empowerment programmes and initiatives

REEN’s goal is to improve the living standards of the rural folk

REEN’s Objectives include:

1. To promote innovation and creativity among the youths to come up with better and more efficient energy saving technologies

2. To empower the youths through capacity building

3. To inform the youths on new technologies in the field of energy through workshops, conferences and field trips

4. To effectively tap the talents in the youths in the various fields of energy

5. To create employment for the youths through initiation and implementation of the project



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