October 13, 2010

AYICC-Kenya Debrief From ADF in Addis- Ethiopia

This is the Report from one of the youth members from AYICC-Kenya That are in the forum as we blog.

"Hoping you are all well.We got to the ADF forum well and safe and the opening ceremony just happened a while ago.


Addis Ababa

The ADF VII started on a very high note in Addis with the various clusters discussing the issues in detail for the presentation to the main ADF forum later this week.

During the session on youth and climate change several nissues came up among them the need for African youth to take up transformationl leadership, a need for education and capacity building for the yoputh who are more often marginalized.The issue of inclusion of disabled youth and youth refugees in matters of climate change was also discussed.

As well there was the question of investin more 9in research by youth as well as dissemination of research findings in a manner easily understood by young people across the continent.

Also brought to the forth was the issue of intergenerational knowledge transfer and mentorship to ensure that young people grow into leadership.

I will keep you all updated as we move along.
Many warm hugs from all of us here in Addis(Sylvia,Grace,Lawrence and Kevin"(by Winnie Asiti)

This is a ver enlightening experience for these youth and we cannot wait to benefit from the momentum and the vigor that they will bring with them back home. Blogging on behalf of the kenyan youth in Addis- Margaret demba



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