October 29, 2010

New Posts from the NYCCC III Kenya

Here are some of the comments i am receiving from the young people attending the NYCCC Kenya on the second day:

We need people powered movement to achieve the 350 pp mm!!
There is need for the youth, first to accept there is climate change and create more awareness, sensitisation, through education, outreach to the community where they live. We need to shift blames from pointing fingers towards the government and  civil society but rather unite and forge on  developing mitigation and adaptation projects that will empower the youth. 
Kenyan youth are vehemently supporting policy change to  ensure  that the Annex 1 countries who emit green house gases reduce emissions to the required 350 pp mm thus pledge to support developing countries towards climate change mitigation and adaptation.
From Martin Elkanah, AYICC Kenya Youth Activitist from Mombasa



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