November 17, 2010


The Norwegian Church Aid and the Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN) in partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister are scheduled to have a tree planting event termed “Back to Eden” to be held on November 20th 2010 at the Mully Children Family (MCF) grounds in Yatta.

KYCN is a youth movement comprised of youth organizations and networks, including Kenya Young Greens (KYG), Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC-Kenya), Korogocho Community radio (Koch FM), Kama Si Sisi Artist Group, Young Environmentalists Network in Africa (YENA), the Third Movement, Inter-varsity Environmentalist Network (IVEN), World Youth Alliance (WYA) among others.

The youth networks that formed KYCN have for the last five years mobilized, trained and supported youth from all over the country to learn and establish initiatives in their communities that tackle climate change, environment and leadership. So far, there have been three National Youth Conferences on Climate Change (NYCCC) held under the auspices of KYCN, the first one in Matuu in Eastern Province in 2008, the second one in Nairobi in 2009 and the just concluded one in October (27th-30th) 2010 at the Multi Media University, Nairobi.

The Back to Eden Tree planting is the climax of the 3rd NYCCC and will bring together more than 1000 youth and community members drawn from all over the country and from diverse backgrounds including students, musicians, local youth groups, faith based institutions, environmental organizations and others. This event will be used to sensitize youth on the importance of not only planting but also nurturing trees whose role in maintaining an ecosystem balance cannot be overemphasized.



  1. I wish i would be able to join you all... all the best

  2. me too am with u in spirit all the very best I love you all

  3. I'm pretty late for this post. I hope that more events like this will be created in the future. Helping the environment is really heart-warming if you ask me. You'll should be given a gift or something for your efforts.