November 16, 2010

Kenya National Youth Conference on Climate Change 27th – 30th October, 2010

The 3rd National Youth Conference on Climate Change was a huge success with immense support from the Office of the Prime Minister Kenya, Oxfam GB, the Norwegian Church Aid, the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change Kenya, private sector, civil society organizations, The Parliamentary Committee on Lands and Natural Resources and a large number of youth networks represented from all over the country.

The conference attracted a total of 120 participants drawn from most parts of the country who camped from 27th – 30th October at the Multi Media University in Nairobi, Kenya. The participants were representative of the 47 counties of the country, and ensured that there was gender equality.

We had the presence of the Mexican Embassy, United Nations Environment Programme and other UN Agencies, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance, Oxfam GB, Norwegian Church Aid, Ecological Society of Eastern Africa, Kenya Climate Change Working Group, Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Office of the Prime Minister.

The theme of the conference was Youth Leadership and Climate Change: Role of youth in adaptation and mitigation in Kenya.

Key areas covered during the conference included:-

* A panel discussion on climate change mitigation and adaptation in Kenya. This involved representatives form the government, private sector, conversation organization, youth organizations, community groups and Media
* Climate change policy process
* Climate change, facts and figures and response strategies in Kenya
* The role of Kenyan youth in responding to climate change
* Climate change negotiations; challenges and opportunities for Africa and Kenya
* Defining and changing the climate change advocacy work in Africa and Kenya
* Climate change and the UNFCCC processes; from Kyoto to Cancun
* Opportunities for youth in Kenya’s new constitution, with regards to climate change and sustainable development
As well, the Sagana Resolution on Youth Leadership was also adopted, we shall be uploading this in due time. A previous blog of the discussions from this conference was posted here.


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