November 19, 2010

Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN) interview on NTV Kenya Breakfast show, 19th November 2010

The Kenya National Youth Climate Network (KYCN) on the 19th of November 2010, made a remarkable statement on Nation Television Network (NTV) breakfast show. Under the theme ‘Vijana going green’, a brief introduction was done to elucidate who the KYCN was made up of and what they have been doing in the past towards the environment.
A wake up phone call at 4:30 am was made to the guys who were to make themselves available at Nation Media House at 6:30 am. As the few of the KYCN members tried to beat the heavy traffic in the morning, nearly all of us made it for the breakfast show on time. You could see the enthusiasm that Kito and Maithya had as they went into the news room. It was all written in their faces, “Youths can make a positive change in Kenya if given a chance.” With the first session commencing with heated discussions on why Yatta and no other place for the tree planting, it was evident that Isaiah Kipyegon a representative from the Norwegian Church Aid, had all points in his finger tips, he vividly elucidated as questions were posed to him. Maithya, the Convener of the Yatta tree planting on the other hand under the theme “Back to Eden” showed a lot of composer as he reiterated on what Isaiah was bringing to light about the Youth and Leadership in Kenya.
With a commercial break to pave way for the second session, Winnie Asiti a coordinator from the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC-Kenya) swapped with Maithya to bring the femininity during the interview. Within no time, callers started inquiring about the envisaged tree planting staged for Yatta. It was evident that the young people in Kenya had a passion for the conservation of their environment since the NTV staff could not handle the number of callers that were on hold! After the show, the KYCN members present, George Auko, Winnie Asiti, Joshua Minai, Joseph Maithya, Philip Koimet, Jackie Mugo and Clayton Opiyo went for a breakfast treat at T-spot under the auspices of the Norwegian Church Aid.
“Listeners come and join us tomorrow to mark the event and if you cannot make it, kindly plant a tree to mark your b-day or anniversary” Winnie Asiti.



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