November 20, 2010


 These are just some of the highlights from AYICC Kenya as we prepare to wrap up the year.

The year started in January with a Social Day at the Ololua Forest and the Election of our Leaders, George Auko (Chief Coordinator), Winnie Asiti (Admin & Finance), & Joshua Minai (Programmes and Projects Coordinator).

February 2010- George Auko, the Chief Coordinator AYICC Kenya, and Papa Omugataya, one of the climate change artists in our membership joined the rest of the Kenyans in a national tree planting day in Mau Forest.

22nd April 2010 was the Earth Day, and AYICC Kenya marked this through a half day workshop on Youth and Biodiversity.
Panelists during the workshop included Paul Mbole, from the Norwegian Church Aid our supporters for the event, Joan Kagwanja from AGRA (Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa) and Dr. Mwaura from Univerisyt of Nairobi.
Further to the Earth Day, we had a major clean up of the Nairobi River with University of Nairobi, Chiromo Environmental Awareness Club (CEAC), Teens & Youth Club and AYICC Kenya.
In May during one of the AYICC Kenya Wednesday planning meetings. This year, we have had our membership grow extremely well, and have welcomed guests from diverse countries and backgrounds for both short and long stays who have contributed a lot to our work.
The AYICC Kenya Leadership team had a one day training and capacity building for the Daystar University Environmental Conservation Club (DECC).  This was coordinated by Patrick Magaiwa, from JVE Kenya, a member of AYICC Kenya, and who co founded DECC foures years ago.

It was time for Origami! With support from the Japan National Committee of IUCN, AYICC Kenya sent their messages not only to those attending the CBD SBSTA in May in Nairobi, but also to CBD COP 10 in Nagoya in October 2010.
The Rural Energy Enterprises Network (REEN) team visits the Tembea Youth Centre for Sustainable Development to learn from the Cookstoves projects as part of the growing energy programme within AYICC Kenya. This programme has been headed by Yiting (visiting from China) and Bildad Nyongesa, the IVEN Coordinator. IVEN-InterVarsity Environment Network is one of the founding networks of AYICC which has brought together most of the Kenyan university students movements working on climate change.

Since June, we got a new venue for our meetings, the YMCA Hostels, Nairobi Central. They are also our members and partners in the ROP! Reach Out Programme. 
Some of our members at the International Day of Youth in Nairobi, Rosemary, one of the AYICC Kenya younger mentees, Richard Omondi, the ROP! Coordinator, and Kevin Odhiambo, the UNEP TUNZA Advisor for Africa. They practically had to pose for the photo due to the dynamic nature of the events!
These are called Bottomlining Meetings for AYICC Kenya...they are the best and worst times of the movement, when we get to plan and asess our progress. All forms of tempers, ideas, discussions are expected.  On this specific one in August, the Roadshow Working Group, headed by Davida Wainaina, was a main agenda. We thank our Chief Coordinator for hosting these meetings in his house and those that contribute to making them successful. 

AYICC Kenya was a partner with the Scouts and had a Booth at the 13th World Scouts Moot in Kenya. Edna, one of  our key members in Communications and Media relations in Kenya was a lead person in this activity.

Lets ROP! Reach Out Programme is a programme we officially launched this year and the first visit was to the Watoto Wema Childrens Centre. The Programme is coordinated by Richard Omondi, and Beth Waithera. You can watch the videos of their first meeting in August on our Facebook page.
In September, some of the AYICC Kenya members and leaders participated in the Camp Malta Leadership training organized by the Norwegian Church Aid as part of Capacity building for the Kenya Youth Climate Network (KYCN). This leadership training let to the Sagana Resolution on Youth Leadership that was adopted by youth during the 3rd National Youth Conference on Climate Change.
It was not  a Climate wedding! It was the farewell of Yiting Wang. After the 6 months of the Chinese spirit and energy she had put in AYICC Kenya during her time as a UNEP staff, Yiting had to leave AYICC Kenya in early October. She leaves behind a well established Rural Energy Enterprises Network (REEN) which has found a strong platform for most of our members working on renewable energy options, which will now be coordinated by Bildad Nyongesa, the IVEN Coordinator.

Some of the AYICC Kenya had the privilege to attend the 7th African Development Forum in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in early October. Lawrence the Model United Nations Africa Coordinator makes a point at one of the youth sessions, Grace Mwaura & Winnie mark the Global Work Party 10/10/10 campaign with Ethiopian youth, and finally Sylvia Wachira, AYICC Continental Coordinator, Lawrence Ndambuki and Grace Mwaura pause with Jeff Koinange, a key media person in Kenya.
The unforgettable 3rd National Youth Conference on Climate Change late October . The third one of its kind organized under the umbrella of Kenyan Youth CLimate Network and suported by the Office of the Prime Minister, Oxfam, and the Norwergian Church Aid. 

And more will be posted before the close of the year!
This is the sacrifice that the AYICC Kenya leadership team has had to make a couple of times this year. Dedicating nights to meet and discuss AYICC Kenya issues, and when they can think no more, they end up sleeping for a few minutes in such a terrible state, anytime, they could wake up and continue with the Lead Team Bottom lining meeting! They need your help. Join them and lead one of the projects in AYICC Kenya!



  1. What a great year it has been...working with various groups in diffrent projects has been wonderful..

  2. it is a huge and enormous success guys I love u all and i am so proud to be a team leader in AYICC-kenya

  3. I am certain that youths are the resource that the government has been lacking.