November 30, 2010


The realization of the importance of the youths as one of the stakeholders towards a developed nation by the government has laid a platform for the youths to engage in the governance of this country. On the 24th November 2010 Africa youth initiative on climate change Kenya represented by George Auko-the chief coordinator, Bildad-from REEN and Alphaxad Gitau-member together with youth leaders from all over the country had a meeting with the prime minister, other senior officials from the government and the private sector to deliberate on the way forward in the quest for the alternative leadership of this country.

The question on “whether the youths are the resource that this country was missing or not” was given a strong affirmation that our country cannot develop unless we recognize that the youths are part of the stakeholders in this country. Therefore with the statistics from our last national census showing that the youths make up 78.5% of our population it is evident that the achievement of the UN millennium development goals by 2015 is quite a great task without the youths being stakeholders of the troop to wage this battle.

Why a new dawn for the Kenyan youths is because this was the first meeting to dialogue on issues between the youths and both the public and private sector. It is therefore clear that we have proven to be a very great resource for this country’s alternative leadership and we are ready to build tomorrow’s future today. The approach of the meeting was based on 4 key thematic areas that affect our country’s development among them being; education and health, youth empowerment, culture arts& sports, governance and leadership. The deliberations made were presented to the respective sectors responsible as a recommendation and on the other side we as the youths committed ourselves to being part of the issues to be addressed. It was noted that this is a two way channel which most of us must play a part towards the achievement of the deliberations of the meeting.

With all this deliberations made and with the participation of all the key stakeholders, a way of evaluating the implementations of the deliberations was formulated and termed as the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI).This initiative entailed implementing this deliberations within a time span of 90 days after which we will go back to the drawing table and evaluate on what has been achieved and what needs to be done.

With all this achieved it was a green light to the Kenyan youths that this country needs an alternative form of leadership. Within this time frame of 90 days regional tours will be held to raise the awareness on the search of the alternative leadership to all the youths in all regions and get suggestions on what they think should be addressed.

The closure of the meeting was a great hope to the Kenyan people and more so to the youths of this country and a great task ahead to all of us. For sure the Kenyan youths are ready to be the change that they want to see themselves as per Mahatma Ghandi wise saying.
Report by Alpha Ndungu,World Youth Alliance



  1. Climate change has nothing to do with human activity. It is as a result of solar activity. A little research will prove that scientists have been saying that for a long time. So why the insistence on human activity being the root cause and humans beings the bad guys so to speak? The agenda is control and money. "Climate change" is a multi billion dollar industry and the singular way in which every person on earth can be taxed for the carbon they emit.And the government's involvement clearly shows that policy will soon be driven around climate change. Soon we will be paying for carbon credits i.e permission to pollute like companies abroad are already doing. Soon even the car you drive will be taxed according to the emmissions it produces. Who will get the money? Its not you, neither is it the environment. I may be all the way in Africa the third world but am educated. Are you? AYICC I feel sorry for you guys. You are innocently being used to keep the agenda going. Yes there is climate change, its obvious. But its the sun that's going through cycles. History shows things like the ICE AGE... There were trees back then.. there were no factories polluting... Young people wake up. Billions are being made and the only thing being done is mobilizing youth to plant trees?