March 22, 2011

World Water Day- I celebrate Paulina

World Water Day 2010 Villagers and donkeys
near Marsabit By: eco_oficina
''Paulina is a mother of 7 or 8, her eldest daughter being approximately 16years old. She sells water for a living, in a place in Kenya called Abosi in Transmara district. 

She owns two donkeys and has to carry the water in 20litre and 30litre plastic containers, and sells the water at ksh10 for every 20litre container. A trip has about 100litres and she does about 3 or 4trips a day, because of other household chores. She has to walk the donkeys for about 2kilometres to the well which has clean water, fetch the containers manually, load them onto the stubborn donkeys, and walk back the same distance to be able to sell the water to her clients. 

When I first met her in December 2010, she had a 2month old baby, who is constantly strapped on her back, because she cannot afford a help at home, and the older children have to go to school. Its seldom for you to see Paulina without the baby on her back, its the only picture i have of her. Today on World Water Day, I celebrate Paulina.''

By: Winnie Cherotich



  1. Winnie is a pal of mine and this is a real story, she celebrates Paulina and her daily struggles to access water and earn a livelihood on this World water Day. Its a touching story I had to share it here.
    Question is,how many paulina's are out there,unsung, unrecognized, even unaccounted for and are we doing enough? Just what are we doing to ease Paulina's burden?

  2. Thank you Winnie for this post, it just makes me think of what we can do as the young energetic generation to help such communities.

  3. I think that is a good work done