April 21, 2011

Earth Day!!!!! Be there with US!!!

Billion Acts of Green!!!

Yes and AYICC Kenya has just been up to that all this year.
Tomorrow is just another day, where we shall have another time to add onto our list of Billion Acts of Green as we celebrate the Earth Day.
Catch us on Facebook for details about the Event.
But just to give you a hint about the day:

I have just emailed Basco paints requesting for the Eco friendly paints....please help me to get them to support us tomorrow. We need like 15 spray cans to help us do a graffiti at the YMCA- Our meeting joint in town, next to University of Nairobi, along State House road- probably one day the President will stop to see the graffiti and get to talk to us! :) If we dont get their support, kindly feel free to make a personal contribution. Thanks to all those who have already made the contribution towards the paints!!!

Our DJ, Davida, and our Youth Champion from the UN, Kevin,  are organizing for the Book Launch and a Gig at the same venue, same time ( i hope so). Note entry is all free.

Our Communications team, with your support, hope to put up a hundred climate change messages to speak to the Nairobi youth on the things they need to do to stop climate change and live sustainably. This is where we need you. Come along, with your climate change questions, messages and poems, and we shall have a way of expressing them.

Our media junkies have all been invited, we hope to have the blogs, the tweets, the facebook likes and all, all done tomorrow. Please join us online wherever you will be.
If on twitter please Tweet and  RT @ayicckenya @ayicc with hastags #graffiti #earthday #booklaunch #next ecowarriors

Finally, we know its a bit hot, and dusty, and after all these activities all of us will be super tired. Please carry your swimming costume. We shall have a swimming competition (and for those who cant swim, we shall train you). This is all for fun...please be there....

Its time for Billion Acts of Green- Its time for a Climate Revolution.

Check out the event on http://www.earthday.org/users/ayiccky
Get in touch with Alpha for more details on your participation: 0721174288



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