April 26, 2011


On the 22nd April 2011, both groups and individuals came together to mark the EARTH DAY. In Kenya, Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change was not left behind either. As other youth in different parts of the world executed their “billion acts of Green”, they decided to go graffiti way, an effective way to communicate to the elderly, young literates and the illiterates.
It started with few set backs but as the day progressed, it gained momentum and they did not disappoint in their climate change advocacy work. Their artists finally came up with a rather less expected picture of Africa rounded with a big tree. From this image, I could see the ugly truth of climate change. But most importantly, this image clearly depicted the hopeful possibility. As I looked the triplets who were in attendance do the paint on the drafted picture, I knew that we were not just communicating to the elderly and the literates but also to the young people, who as a matter of fact, have the most at stake and therefore need to get acquainted with climate change information.
Personally, it was not just the making of the day that moved me the most. It was a dream comes true for me. Last year during the 10/10/10, global work party day, I had planned to do graffiti at the Nairobi city centre. Unfortunately, I experienced major set backs. First, it became so cumbersome and tedious to work with the Nairobi City Council in getting the wall to do the graffiti. To this set back, I want to salute Young Men Christian Association, YMCA-Nairobi for offsetting this by giving their walls to be used absolutely without any charges. Second, it was impossible to secure funds for buying items that we needed to paint graffiti. Just when we thought that we had secured funds, communication break down and as the leader that time, I was left with no words. To this challenge, I want to send my appreciations to all AYICC-Kenya members for their dedication and commitment in contributing towards the success of the project this year. May God reward each one of you according to your needs! And to Alpha, who was the leader of this project, allow me to say thank you for completing/implementing what we started lasted year but remained unfinished.
Now as people pass near the image and take a moment, I know it is all for the love of mother EARTH. Our work of communicating to people information on climate change will for as long as the image remains on the wall be automatic. With the same confidence and more expectations, I know that we will be able to do many activities that we have always wanted to do. “We are all going but slow”. So no matter how long it takes to execute our activities, we will certainly do them one day, as long as the passion, love and zeal in us remain high and strong.



  1. Richard, thank you for this blog!!!
    This is the new blogger that this blog has always been waiting for!!!
    The words touch deep in our hearts and speak to us of how passionate your people around the world, and also in Kenya have embraced environmental stewardship.

  2. Good stuff Richard

  3. Hey people.
    I love your comments. Kindly recieve BIG thanks from me! Hope to push hard and hard to get there!!!

  4. Richard, please continue blogging for AYICC Kenya- kenyan youth need to hear you and connect with what you have to say! Congrats!

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