June 28, 2011

AYICC RWANDA: Pubic lecture and open discussion on climate change

Story by: J.F Regis NISENGWE

On this Friday July 22nd, 2011 at 2h: 45, KIST Environmental Conservation Club (KECC) and African Youth Initiative on Climate Change Rwanda (AYICC Rwanda) held a public lecture and open discussion on climate change. The event, supported by both the Head of Department of Chemistry and the Dean of faculty of science, took place at KIST, Muhabura block, room P016. The presenter was Dr. Landry Ndriko MAYIGANE, AYICC (East Africa Cordinator), who was joined in the effort by other special environment activists Shawel MULATU (AYICC Ethiopia), Jordi MUSONI (JVE Rwanda) and Claude and another guest from international student organization, Beatrice ONYANGO (AISEC).

It all kicked off with the presentation on “climate change and youth involvement” made by Dr. Landry Driko MAYIGANE, and after we heard from other special guests of the day starting with Shawel MULATU and then Jordi Michel MUSONI. They all emphasized the importance of youth involvement in fighting against climate change. They all pointed out, moreover, that youth must be serious and active in order to be successful.

Members of the club joined by other students from different departments noticeably took great interest from the very first slides of the presentation and it peaked up when the open discussion began. The interest was markedly expressed by a wide spectrum of observations, views, interventions, proposals, opinions…. from attendees. Dr. Landry received a sizable number of questions from the attendees which he conveniently and relevantly answered. Other guests too took time to answer questions and give opinions on matters that needed further clarification.

As planned, this afternoon event was crowned by an interesting documentary movie entitled “HOME” that highlights all the aspects of the environment while giving pertinent facts and figures. It also shows the effects of anthropogenic activities (such as cutting tree, mining, oil industries,…) on the environment.

Every one present was grateful that the program was put into place and the attendees were interested and willing to join AYICC-Rwanda in its prospective actions such as road show to Durban due in September, inter alia. In addition to that, members of KECC and other youth that joined the program decided that they must take action to save the environment when they still can.

J.F Regis NISENGWE, AYICC Rwanda member, and the host and organizer of the program



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