June 20, 2011

Environmental Genocide

Environmental Genocide is what I see
Toxic gases are what I breathe
Murder of trees
Witnessing execution of rivers, lakes, air etc
Stop decapitating the environment please
This ignorance has to seize
This existing arrogance has to exiiiiit
We need plants, water,air and land to live
Like Adam needed air to breathe
Like Eve needed Adams rib
Every waste you inject in water and seize
Some people take it back and drink
The water you drink might be your urine
That's why people get sick
Environmental genocide is what I see
Blowing hot poisonous gases from chimneys
And car engines,
Lack of will,
To let the environment heal
Thus people get ill
Shaking like twigs
Bodies getting weak
Like a malnutritioned Sub-Saharan kid who has not eaten for weeks
Coughing four hundred days per year, eight days a week
Thin air difficult to breathe
People being artificially asthmatic
Environmental genocide is all I see
Injustice vicious cycle is all I see
A human pricks the environment
The environment stubs them back to death
A cold war is all I see
Neither human nor environment wins
So I preach peace
Start with you and me
And let the others follow the wind
Cause am not gonna sit
And watch the environment slap human beings
So join in
And let’s stop this
Cause environmental genocide is all I see

By: Simon Muoki
*Simon is a young environmental enthuasiast fresh out of high school, he writes and perfoms environmental and other poetry!



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