June 29, 2011


This is a program that was adopted by Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change-Kenya in 2010 and is meant to give back to the society. In this program, we realised that in as much as we are a group working predominantly on environmental issues, there are some socio-economic aspects that we cannot isolate ourselves from. Based on our weekly voluntary contributions, we are able to stand with the vulnerable in the society.
Kenya is currently facing high level of inflation and like many other households, Watoto Wema Children centre has in the recent past been struggling with their feeding program. They made an emergency call to the well wishers to come to their aid in this had economic times. Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change-Kenya wishes here to congratulate Harambee Stars under the guidance of Dennis Oliech for heeding to the emergency call and giving food donations to the centre. God bless you as you strive to represent the country in Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers
Barely one week after the visit made by the Stars, had Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change made yet another visit to the centre. We are happy to have taken part in this noble initiative! We took to the kids 60kg of maize flour and this as we told by management, is sufficient enough to feed children for ten days. Certainly, this is giving a hand to the vulnerable in the society.
We had a very wonderful time with the kids and we listened to them sharing what they would like to be in future. We are sincerely moved by the confidence that the children have developed when it comes to public address. We had a standard one kid translating from Swahili to English relatively well. And to this, I think it is worthy giving thanks to the management of the centre for ensuring that the children do on just benefit nutrition wise but also in how they relate to the people outside.
Currently, the children home is located in Saika Kayole but has acquired new land in Ruai. They are currently mobilizing for the resources and will soon relocate. They are therefore appealing to the public and the well wishers to help them in this process. If you are reading this from your room and probably know of anyone who can help, you need to get in touch with us so that we can see how to help these children.
Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change is in the process of seeing what project to introduce to the centre once they move to their new place. It was felt that sustainability is the best way to go and therefore even if we were able provide for their needs presently, it will not go on forever and therefore making the children and the centre empowered is the best way to go.
To all AYICC-K members who made it to the centre on Saturday, receive my heartfelt appreciations. To all of you who committed to contribute towards this project, thank you and God bless in all your endeavours.



  1. This is a very good work and would like to urge AYICC members to keep up the spirit. God bless you all and God bless Kenya.

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