June 7, 2011

The World Environment Day - A day worth its purpose:

As I walked into the grounds of the YMCA-Nairobi, I knew this would be no ordinary day. The conviction was beyond the strained voices of the Christian choirs as they worshipped, something beyond the chirping sounds of the early morning birds; it transcended the deep faith of the congregation that gathered in churches and yet it was the same magic envelope that bound all these forces together, it was the outcry of Mother Nature. I could feel the joy of a day set aside to commemorate the importance of our environment, a day set aside to give back to nature. The rigorous planning and anticipation were soon to become a reality. A number of guests had already arrived and more were streaming in. The anxiety on people’s faces was not difficult to spot.

At the back yard something wonderful was being created. The strength with which the tough ground was being broken and turned up was a sure sign of the solid readiness to offer something back to Mother Nature. The warmth and cheer that was easily exchanged as everyone went down to task was marvelous. Picking of stones, clearing of the ground, digging, raking out fibers, sieving of the soil, making of fine ridges and shaping up of the tilled land were all in  preparation of the seed beds. Great information, knowledge and skills were passed across from one to another. A knowledge that was priceless, a knowledge that was being put into practice. It was the perfect atmosphere to learn and pick up life lessons. It was an environment of mentoring and being mentored. Soon the beds took shape and it was time for setting in the seeds. As the seeds were buried into the soil, I was convinced that the hard toil of their hands would indeed bear fruit. the toil of people who were not afraid to get their hands dirty, people who were selfless and made a sacrifice to get out and respond to the call of nature(no pun intended), people who felt  the pain of the bleeding environment, people who were there to build something for the future generation. It was the faith, the focus, the unspoken power, the strong will and unyielding determination that bound these people and convened them to mark this event.

The afternoon session could only be the icing to the cake. It was a forum to relax, have fun and interact in the celebratory spirit of our environment. There was an unbound sense of fun in the atmosphere. As others found the swimming pool more enticing, others found the dance floor more than appealing. Whichever way, the goal was achieved. The music did not disappoint neither did the deejay. It was a great combination of skill, talent and easy enjoyment. The dancing was entertaining as well as inspiring. The swimming was enjoyable-an awesome way to utilize the resources in the environment. As the sun set on the event, with it was a promise. A promise that was sealed in everyone’s heart: a promise to take care of the environment, to ensure that the wellbeing of the future generation would not be jeopardized by the careless mistakes and actions of our present generation. Wow! If I had it my way, every day would be the World Environment Day!!!

By Riziki Winnie (AYICC-KENYA)



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