October 28, 2011

Kenyatta University vice Chancellor, Miss Olive Mugenda and Royal media Services C.E.O S.K Macharia Sign the Climte Change Petition

During the opening ceremony of the culture week in Kenyatta University, the vice chancellor, Prof. Olive Mugenda and Royal Media Services C.E.O Dr. S.K Macharia signed the climate change petition. In a statement made by Antony Opot, the Secretary General to the Kenyatta University Environmental Club, the two dignitaries were urged to have the climate change petition signed to increase the efforts being made by the Kenya Youth Climate Network in having up to 1 million petitions signed from Kenya alone. Kenyatta University Environmental Club has been taking a leading role in addressing environmental conservation.


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  1. kudos KU. we r on ua toes. i love the spirit that youth have.