December 8, 2011

Text of Youth Statement to US Delegation at the ICC in Durban

Dec 8, 2011
The Honorable Todd Stern
Special Envoy for Climate Change
U.S. Department of State

Dear Mr. Stern:  

We are writing as youth from across the African continent, the Pacific Islands, and around the world to ask you not to sign our death sentence here in Durban. If the United States is not going to lead the world in solving the climate crisis, please stand out of the way. 

Delaying a climate deal until 2020 would slam the door on avoiding catastrophic climate change. In order to save our future here in Durban, nations must save the Kyoto Protocol and then urgently push for more ambition. 

President Obama said, “The need to drastically change our energy policy is no longer a debatable proposition. It is not a question of whether, but how; not a question of if, but when. For the sake of our security, our economy, our jobs and our planet, the age of oil must end in our time.”

For our future as youth here in Africa and around the world, the clean energy future must begin now, here in Durban. We do not make this request alone: in the last 48 hours, over XXXX people have sent messages to the White House calling on the US not to sign Africa's death sentence. 

Please do not stand in the way of progress here in Durban. Our future depends on your action. 


Youth from Around the World


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