April 9, 2012

Dreams do come true....The 'Have Faith-Act Now' Youth Caravan Documentary

‘It’s morning, sunny and inviting and I can’t wait to start the day; Its noon, warm and bright, am effusing energy and passion; its evening, the sun sets in the horizon and I can’t wait for tomorrow’ 

One cold chilly and gloomy evening we sit round in a circle pondering about what will happen. Outside, its heavily snowing, it couldn't get worse or so I thought! As we look about unsure how we should start this I quietly think to myself, ‘What a disappointment! We did everything..... Everything’!

I can almost feel the pain and see the hurt on many a face! It’s been a rigorous three weeks preceded by months of planning and we almost have nothing to show for it! Only that we are family now, have been for the past few months as we planned for all this, at the now famous ‘Chini ya mti’ at the University of Nairobi back in Kenya.

This was at Danhostel, Bellahoj in Copenhagen after the end of the UNFCCC COP 15 where our hopes for a fair and legally binding deal had all but come to nothingness! So we sat there wondering, pondering about what we’d tell Kenyan youth whose hopes we had carried. With us were UKYCC youth, trying to make sense of the COP 15 outcome. It is then that we realized that we had to do something different when we came back to Kenya, this is when the Roadshow idea was born. Then it seemed absurd, too ambitious, even impractical, and this is where our story starts, this is where our passion shines through....

Fast forward to 2011 and 161 youth from 19 nationalities in 6 trucks are traversing across 6 countries, collecting petitions, singing and dancing at climate justice concerts and raising awareness on climate change....

Its 2012, and we have the first documentary of that journey that will forever be etched on people’s minds, a journey that has sparked a revolution among youth, grassroot communities and faith communities.

And so here it is, the story of our journey; yet this story does not end here, it goes on and on, to be picked and passed on through generations, a story of sheer will and determination, of love for mother nature, of dreams for a better tomorrow!

 ‘It always seems impossible until it is done’ Nelson Mandela



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