June 4, 2012


You most probably have heard all the bells and whistles about the Rauka campaign, but what is it all about anyway? Well, it is about many things, but the baseline of the entire project is about youth-led actvocacy (a cool new concept) towards sustainable development. It is a series of events aimed at raising awareness on these issues. The official description is as follows:

‘Rauka! Act now for a sustainable future’ is a campaign that brings together FBOs, CSOs and Youth Movements from all over East Africa and draws the support from global Climate Justice. Borrowing from the We Have Faith (www.wehavefaithactnow.org) campaign, this year’s youth campaign slogan is a very strong yet positive message about climate justice & the collected efforts we can make as youth to create the future we desperately need. It demands action, and gives options and solutions. The ‘Rauka’ campaign believes that the UN Earth Summit/Rio+20 can find a lasting and sustainable solution to protecting people and the planet from climate change and move us forward into the future we need.
The "Rauka” campaign 2012 – is follow up to the ‘We Have Faith’ campaign. 

Rauka Week of Action (6th -13th June 2012)

To influence the UNCSD process, and to ensure that there is meaningful progress in the negotiations, the world’s leaders have to feel the pressure both from within their own countries and from abroad. To mobilize people to stand up for a carbon neutral future, they have to be informed both about the negotiations and what the stakes are.
The Pan African youth campaign for sustainable development, ‘Rauka’, will focus the energy of youth and mobilize around one week of momentum building towards the Africa Rio+20 summit. This week will have activities such as:
In-country trainings in Tanzania, Rwanda, & Uganda (6th June – 8th June)
Football matches, tree planting exercises (9th June)
A peaceful walk in Nairobi Central Business District where the President & the Prime Minister will be given petitions collected from the five East African states. (11th June).
Africa Rio+20 (12th & 13th June)

In order to find out what is happening in real-time, follow this conversation on Twitter (@rauka2012), Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/RaukaActNowForASustainableFuture) and also check out our Rauka blog (http://climatecaravan.tumblr.com)

Compiled by: Ken Liti


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