July 30, 2012

Reach Out Program Updates, July 2012


The Focus of African Youth Initiative on Climate Change, AYICC at the time of its formation was majorly on environmental conservation and climate change. However, about three years ago, the network came to the realization of the very vulnerable children in the society. The team felt that some level of love and philanthropy was needed to help children.
While it was difficult to come up with the means of eradicating the problem at once, there was a consensus among all the members that it was possible to change the situation in our small ways. Members agreed to voluntarily contribute the little they had on a weekly basis with some giving donations like clothing and books. The project has been very successful for the last two years.
This year has been no exception. Though the project started at a low speed, we finally managed to pay yet another visit to watoto wema children centre on 21st July 2012. Thanks to members’ commitment, we had a total sum of seven thousand, seven hundred and fifty 7750 Kenya shillings.
The amount was prudently spent and bought fifty kilograms of rice, twenty four kilograms of maize flour, fifteen pieces of bar soap and two dozens of valon oil for body. This might look not enough, and for real it is not enough, but you only needed to be there to see the smile on the faces of children. They for sure enjoy the time you can be able to spare and spend with them, play around and listen to some of their frustrations. The management of the centre was equally happy and congratulated AYICC for its continued support.
Currently the children have moved to a new centre where they have everything for themselves. There is no more fear at the begging of the month to pay rent. There is enough playing fields for the kids so you can feel free to visit them any weekend.
There are however new challenges that the new place has presented to the children. There is need for proper planning of drainage system at the centre. There is also a need for volunteers who can teach young children below standard one as they cannot manage to walk to get to public schools.
Finally, there is now an opportunity for AYICC to really mentor the children by introducing a tree planting project at the centre. There is space and the children can take care of the trees. I therefore call upon the willing members to consider this. I am convinced that we can establish tree nurseries at a lager scale compared to what we have been doing. I challenge those who can get seeds to help and those who have the knowledge to equally help.
Congratulations to the five members who represented AYICC on 21st July 2012. Thanks to all of you who supported this initiative in any way. Special thanks go to Shiko who came all the way from limuru to support this noble course.



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