July 9, 2012

An open letter to volunteers

I understand this may not be the norm, but I am nonetheless compelled to write to you. Maybe someone has already said this to you, or maybe not, but that is beside the point. I write this to you because you have already made a dent on the universe, and you continue to make this dent bigger, with each passing volunteer action.

I don’t know exactly what drives you, but I bet passion is one of the ingredients doing so. You are doing great things, and for this I must commend you. I know at times the road may not be that smooth, but you nonetheless trudge on, and this is what truly makes you unique.

You always think outside the box – if ever there is one - because with challenges galore, you still make certain that you achieve your objectives. And for this resilience you never seek recognition, as your satisfaction lies in the successful completion of the set out objective. You break into new frontiers, rethink the already thought, and do so much with so little – this is what truly makes you special.

The world is getting better with each positive action you volunteer for, but your modesty usually restrains you from proclaiming to the world how special you are. Your actions usually speak louder than words, and this truly is the holy grail of volunteering.

There is a lot more I can say about you, but praise usually makes you uncomfortable – I perfectly understand. But this I will say: look deep into yourself whenever a cloud of doubt or disappointment hovers over your head, and the radiance of inspiration will always spur you on.

The world cherishes you, and it is a better place with you; please do continue to be “the change you want to see in the world!”



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