October 28, 2012

Climate change…what can I do to combat this menace?

One of the fundamental principles of sustainable development is thinking globally and acting locally. In a lay man’s language, this principle encourages individuals, organizations, businesses, governments…you name it…to take an active role in curbing carbon emissions either individually or collectively. This may sound quite complicated but by the end of this article you will realize, huh…so it’s not as hard as I thought!!!! Let me show you why…

1.     Commit yourself to carbon reduction

Someone said that the success of any endeavor is determined by an individual’s attitude and perception on the issue. In combating the climate change menace, we all have to change our attitude and commit to carbon reduction. What can I do? You may ask. It’s simple; talk to your friends and groups on carbon emissions and climate changes, inform them on how to fight it and seek for innovative ideas on the ways to curb the trend. That way, you will influence society to curb carbon emission. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi ‘be the change you want to see around!’

2.     Check on how you can cut down on carbon emissions

You have committed yourself to carbon reduction, thanks! But, actions speak louder than words and you need to do something to that effect. There is a chance for everyone to cut down on climate change? How?? Let me show you…planting trees, using more energy efficient vehicles or public means, switching off the light and using the natural light when possible, printing only when it is necessary, using energy saving bulbs, use of cleaner energy such as solar and wind power, cutting down on the plastic packages and nylon papers, turn off electronics and bulbs when not in use to save on the back on energy, recycle (not your clothes) water, papers etc whenever it is possible, switching from CRT to TFT and laptops…the list is endless. Did you see something you can do today?? I have several.

3.     Advocacy

Next month COP 18 will be held in Doha, Qatar to strategize and reaffirm state’s commitment to the Kyoto Protocol and other climate change related pacts and agreements. You might not get a chance to attend the conference, but you can communicate on combating climate change through different platforms. Sharing a successful tree planting session, talking to your pal about climate change, blogging on climate change, updating your Facebook page to share information on climate change issues, participating in today’s AYICC meeting and raising a point on climate change…talking and communicating on climate change and curbing on carbon emission does not require participation in international conferences!!! You are an environmental advocate on your own.

Lastly, remember to be the proverbial humming bird as put across by Prof Wangari Maathai and remember that we do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; rather we borrow it from our children and subsequent generations…

By: Kenny Wahome



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  2. This the way to go,we need to concentrate by changing the perception and the mindset of Youth first in order for them to act as change agents for the whole community.the greatest danger that we face as humanity towards climate change is 'IGNORANCE' we tend not to believe that climate change is not real,but we suffer its repacations day in day out,.its evidence widely spread and most affected are the developing countries,we need to ACT.