November 27, 2012

Doha Briefs: Expectations

So, its that time of the year again when the world meets to talk about Climate Change  (COP18) and how to tame this menace. This year’s talks are quite unique in that it is the first time a country from the Middle East is hosting the talks. The mood is honestly difficult to pinpoint, with some people quite upbeat that this COP will be a success, while others believe that nothing significant will come out of these talks. All in all, it is quite important to figure out which issues will most definitely shape the climate talks this year.  

Issues at stake

There are quite a number of issues that will be at stake during COP18; a quick list of these items won’t hurt:
·      Demonstration of ambition to solve the climate issue with guidance from intergenerational justice
·      A second commitment for the Kyoto Protocol, which actually runs out this year
·      The issue of continuing and revamping Fast Track Finance
·      Operationalizing of the Green Climate Fund

Way Forward

These are just some of the issues that are under discussion, and worry not if some of the terms do not ring a bell; we will be deciphering the happenings at COP18 in a subtle manner for the next two weeks. Also, most of these issues will be discussed from a youth perspective. This will be in form of ‘bits and pieces’ titled Doha Briefs, so keep tuned.



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