November 10, 2012

My confession, how I contributed to climate change today…

My pricey Rollex alarm went on at 0530HRS reminding me of a new day in the lackluster office. You see, working in a Nothing Going on Office aka NGO has taught me a fundamental lesson that it doesn’t really matter how long you work, what matters is your achievement at the end of the day, and in case you achieve nothing, which happens most of the times, your technical appearance in the office serves as a compliment. Convinced with my intelligent reasoning I went back to sleep until 0700 hrs when the sun was already out. Like I always do, I put on everything that could light the house; from my five bedrooms lights, washrooms, kitchen, dining room to security lights, totally ignoring the God’s freely given natural light.  When I made sure that everybody felt that the ‘owner of the house’ is up, I headed to the bathroom, spending over 10 minutes in shower which takes exactly 2½ minutes during a power blackout. It’s high time that KPLC and NWSCo started paying loyalties to those who keep them in business, the likes of me.

Already late for the office, I opt to use my 4500cc, black, customized Range Rover instead of the dusty, congested, noisy and uncomfortable matatus. Indeed, they say life is too short and you have to get the best out of it. Once in the office, I put on the lights, computer, laptop, printers and every electrical gadget I could get my hands on. My lazy secretary has already emailed the report I have been pressurizing her to finalize on for over a month. I could have gone through the softcopy of the report, then have the final version printed out, but, a brilliant idea struck my mind. Why not print it out and ensure that my brother who supplies printing papers remains in business?? Jaluo very knowledgeable, I tell you. So the report gets printed, I do the editing and print out the final version, clearly ignoring the printing both sides rule. In the NGO panorama, the more the documentation you produce, the more effective and hardworking you look.

Ladies and gentlemen, climate change is a reality and if you engage your environmental eye, you will definitely see its impacts. Our small acts and omission have singly or collectively lead to this eventuality, and will takes our actions and sealing of these loopholes to curb the menace. Will you stand and be counted?? 

By: Kenny Wahome

Note: The opinion expressed in this post is that of the author



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