April 26, 2013

Racing for the Earth: Earth Day 2013

Enthusiastic Earth Day Participants

As the population breaks it banks and competes with amount of gradual increase of waste in our suburbs and street allies as our industries belch out smoke and toxins to mother earth, as negotiator s strategize on their next move and stand in COP 19 the earth is weeping of the impacts of  human interest. This therefore calls for more hands on actions to reduce our impacts on our environment and for intensive of all stakeholders’ participation towards achievement of the same. It is against this backdrop that African Youth Initiative on Climate Change Kenya (AYICC),  in partnership with Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Community and the youth of Thogoto village, Kikuyu came together to celebrate the earth as they joined other worldwide Earth Day celebration on 21st April 2013. It was in an effort to “give back” to the earth for its goodness in through its various services provisioning: their productive agricultural lands, cultural: traditional religious centers, regulatory: climate, air and water quality control e.g. the ondiri swamp, supportive: production of oxygen and soil formation.

The celebration was done in style: cycle for the environment dubbed Earth Race attraction participation of professional and upcoming cyclist from Ridestrong Cycling Foundation, Safari Simbaz and individual participants young and old. 

Earth Race cyclists all ready to go!

By: Gladys N. Gatiba


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