August 15, 2013

Reach Out Programme Report

Date: 28th July 2013
Venue: Watoto Wema Children’s home, Rwai. 

Report prepared by: Gladys N. Gatiba

African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) is a network of young people that has continually created awareness on climate change impacts and building capacities of the community and fellow youths to increase resilience and adaptation to these changes. This has been effected through various training camps, conferences and campaigns e.g. Green Economy and Agribusiness training, National Youth Climate Change Conferences (NYCC) and Rauka ama Hatuta survive and the Road to Durban campaign respectively among others. Among its other initiatives includes the Reach Out Programs (R.O.P); this involves supporting children homes through mentorship, financial and material support from AYICC members. The financial contributions are made during our Wednesday weekly meetings and are used to purchase food and other items needed by the children homes. 


In the past three years, AYICC has supported Watoto Wema Children Home located in Rwai. The home has approximately 46 residential children that range between 6 to 17 years of age; several others receive financial support for their education from their respective families’ homes. The children either come from economically challenged families or have no parents or guardians to care for them. 

On the 28th July 2013 seven AYICC members visited the home to spend time with the children, they used this opportunity to interact through games and other fun activities and also mentor them. This brightened the children’s faces and hopefully their hearts; they all came out to play the various singing games led by our members. This made it super fun!
We shared sweets and cake and ate together with the children.

Sweets galore

Juice galore

Members contribution and pledges during our weekly meetings on Wednesdays amounted to KSH 5600 this was used to buy 50kg sack of rice KSH 2800@,20 litres of cooking oil @ KSH 2230, two packets of sweets @ KSH 400 and their transport to the home @ 200.



The visit was also a reconnaissance study for viable long term projects that can sustain the home hence reduce its dependence on external financial support that has in the past been unreliable. The team established that there had been a poultry project carried out and has failed several times. The chicken died soon after they were brought into the home due to illnesses that the care taker suspected was acquired before they purchased them. They have put in efforts to disinfect the poultry houses before they introduce more chicks but have proved futile. They are however planning to use KENBRO chicks that are said to be more resilient. They will be introduced to one of the remaining hens after it hatches its own chicks hence allow it to take care of the KENBRO ones. One of the older children has expressed interest in being in charge of the project; this will ensure proper coordination of the project due the level of vulnerability and need of care and attention of the chicks. 

Members playing with the children

The team discussing the poultry project


Marjory, the children home director would advice on the way forward after they have monitored the KENBRO chicks’ growth. This will guide AYICC intervention mechanism towards a sustainable project in the home. AYICC ROP team which comprises of Naomi Gichugu, Richard Omondi, Mercy Wanjiku, Alphaxard Ndun’gu and Gladys Gatiba (Gasheri) will come up with a fundraising strategy for the project as their await Marjory’s go ahead. The team is also coming up with alternative projects in case the poultry project is proved unviable. There are therefore seeking members who may be interested in this programme or have other project ideas to join in.    


Members are urged to always join and also invite their friends whenever there are visits to the home because these children require mentorship and one on one interaction for psychological support due to their various past experiences and challenges.
The children and their director were very thank full of our continued support and urged us to not to tire in our contributions however little they may seem, it goes a long mile in supporting the children welfare.   

“Thank you all for your material and financial support and the time spent with the children, you are always welcome to Watoto Wema family” Marjory remarks. 
We appreciate the team that visited the children on this day namely: Danny Wasonga, Vicky Chego, Clifford Omondi, Naomi Gichugu, Jeff Shihebetsa, Richard Omondi, Alphaxard Ndung’u and Gladys N. Gatiba (Gasheri).
This is how happy we left Watoto Wema children. Thank you all

Note: You can also download the report below:

R.O.P Report



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