May 14, 2014


The Bible says, there is nothing new under the sun….

Fashion also shows us that we keep doing the same thing over and over again…you know this by the afro coming back and also the sunglasses our dads used to wear to woo our mothers…

Interior designing also shows us that vintage is gold…as we try to get paintings from the times of Picasso to display in our homes…

In short, there seems to be a trend with every generation that resembles the other and nothing ever really fades away…

But… Technology shows us that some things can change..we can move from sending messages through smoke and messengers to emails and chat applications..
With this in mind…indulge me for a moment…

What if we as young people decide that we can be the change that is much needed, by speaking up on issues concerning protecting our environment?

What if for a moment we stop living by the common phrase “Y.O.L.O” and think of the bigger picture by living in such a way that will ensure future generations enjoy fresh air, clean water and the beautiful parks?

What if we decide that we will no longer be lied to by being called future leaders and we stand up now and lead in our respective areas?

What if we stopped looking for the high flying jobs that offer us hundreds of thousands and decide to pursue our passion which would give us millions?

What if we stop being afraid of being different and stand up for something that is unpopular just because we believe in it?

What if we don't accept to be called “an educated mind” and decide to be “a creative mind?”

I believe we can achieve much more than we imagine if we decide to change the way we think which will result in a change in the way we live which will inspire the generations that follow.

If we decide right now to speak up in matters concerning climate change, if we decide that we will live beyond ourselves and fight for the ones who cannot fight for themselves, if we decide to be leaders in environmental conservation and not wait for the promised future but do it NOW, if we decide that we will look at the world around us and expand our vision from being employed by the big NGOS but instead start the next big thing that will fight Climate change…maybe then we will be able to successful in our fight for environmental sustainability.

Unless we CHANGE our minds, climate CHANGE will always be the cause of the many problems that we face.

 Written by Enid Nzisa
Edited by Victoria Chengo



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