June 9, 2014

RYACA, the Rwandan AYICC Chapter launches Environment Song 'Dufashe Isi' on WED

On the World Environment Day 2014 (June 5), RYACA (Rwanda Youth Alliance for Climate Actions) in collaboration with Miss Rwanda 2014 and local artists released a music video calling on the global youth to save the world.

The video is called " Dufashe Isi / Let's Save the World" and it is found on YouTube at this link: 

About the song:

Dufashe Isi / Let's Save the World is call to ACTION to the youth in Rwanda and the global youth to join hands and work together to save the planet Earth.

It is a message that youth in Rwanda are sending out to the World.

This song is an initiative of the Rwanda #YACA (Youth Alliance for Climate Actions) aka RYACA in collaboration with local Artists and musicians, and Miss Rwanda 2014, all of them members of RYACA.

The objective of the song is to mobilize the global youth around environment conservation, while encouraging them to act locally.

The song was officially launched on the World Environment Day (WED) 2014 on June 5, 2014.

The Theme for WED 2014 was "Raise your voice, Not the sea level". 

As Rwandan youth, we chose to raise our voices through music while calling for more local actions to save water and energy, and plant trees.

Listen to the song and watch the videa and share widely :-)

[Article by Landry Ndriko- Rwanda
Posted by W.A ]


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