August 27, 2014


On 24th July 2014, we laid to rest our dear brother Antony. Such a young life to be snatched away from the earth. As much as we would like to think of it as a dream, you are not with us any more. We are thankful for the times we had with you, and set you free to be with the angels.

Antony joined AYICC- Kenya back in 2010 fresh from High School. His talent, passion and commitment were visible as he took up leadership roles and responsibilities almost immediately.

Anto, as he was popularly known to us, was slow to anger, very sociable and easily made friends with both older and younger members of the group. This made him benefit a lot in terms of personal growth, mentorship and rose within the leadership ranks. Until his untimely demise he was the Deputy National Coordinator of AYICC-Kenya.

He inspired many of us to conserve the environment and lead from the front in spearheading tree planting initiatives.  Being a man who loved being hands on, he participated in planning for the climate change caravan that went to South Africa by road in 2010. He believed the knowledge on environment we had won’t be useful if we didn’t pass it on hence was at the forefront in promoting environmental education to selected schools within Nairobi.

Antony will be dearly missed by his brothers and sisters in the environment movement.
Anto, we will ensure your legacy lives on by planting the million trees you envisioned. Mother Earth will miss you dearly!

May your soul repose in eternity green soldier.

Catch some light moments that Antony shared with us:



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