April 21, 2015

Community Based Adaptation Youth Conference - YouthCBA

 “Youth as a Catalyst to Enhance Effective Adaptation”
By Belinda Makadia
As from 27th -29th April, 2015, Kenya will host the 9th CBA conference in Nairobi. One of the most important inclusions in this conference will be the youth conference, which will run parallel to the CBA 9. Youths from different organizations that work with issues of climate change including Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC-K), Young Volunteers in Environment Kenya (YVE-K), OAY and Catholic Youth NESA have come together under the supervision of ACTS to organize this conference.
This means that the youth will be having their own conference besides the main CBA conference and they will deliberate on their own issues. This is important for the youth as it provides them with a platform to run their event accommodating their needs, creativity and free expressions while creating a sense of responsibility in them. During the conference, the youth will have a reflection on their past, present and future on how they can change their own perspectives and attitudes into more positive community based adaptation approaches. The discussions will revolve around among others:
ž   Youth advocacy and social transformation where there will be experiences sharing by various groups on on the ground activities;
ž   International Climate Change Negotiations where the youth will deliberate on what they want to see at the COP21;
ž   Communicating youth action on climate change aimed at making youth more versatile in communicating their actions on CBA by understanding what to communicate, why it is important and how best it can be packaged;
ž   Funding for adaptation which tackles Where is the money and how is it used?  Are the funds supporting youth initiatives? Where? How? And how can youth access such resources?;  
ž   Process shaping and way forward.
There will also be activities like:
ž   Market Café which will have displays on CBA youth projects from different areas in the country;
ž    Art and creative expression session where youth in an artistic language will express their understanding of CBA;
ž    Poster session, Games and movie sessions.
As the youth, we appreciate that we are being acknowledged to be creative and productive, and that our ideals and aspirations underpin the consolidation of reports and policy documents that guide society on how to adapt to changing patterns. With us having this event, skills will be developed for us to use in a timely, appropriate fashion. The expectation therefore is to: -
·         Better understand, acquire skills and knowledge about CBA impacted on youths
·         Come up with a youth statement declaration on community based adaptation on climate change
·         Create networks and partnerships
·         Be involved in CBA conferences not only as observers but as participants and consultants on youth aspects
With the youths and young people feeling that they have been neglected in activities, issues and decision making process that deal in climate change, the 9th CBA conference feels that it is important to have youth have this youth side event conference that will enable youths be part of CBA and be able to exactly understand CBA. At the end of the conference they can give a statement declaration that can be forwarded to COP21.
To follow the proceedings; check out the twitter handle  #YouthCBA



  1. Yeah I heard about this conference. Actually my father had attended this and he was truly impressed. Usually I don’t attend such events but tomorrow I am going to attend a similar event. You know that event will be organized my best friend’s corporate event planning firm.

    1. Thanks mark. Welcome to be part of the youth team working on Climate Change matters.

  2. Nice article Belinda. Now as youth in Climate Change, we need to follow up on some of the recommendations, if not all, that came u[p in order to realize youth engagement in Climate Change issues.

    1. Thank you Kadana.
      Please join us to work together on the way forward.

    2. Thank you Kadana.
      Please join us to work together on the way forward.

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