March 13, 2017

Why we should protect our water sources

1992 was a game changer for Kenya and the rest of the world who signed the Agenda 21 agreement and the Rio principles as it would see for the first time environmental issues being given the importance it deserved. The realization of the millennium development goals adopted in September of 2002 set the target as 10 of goal 7 as half by 2015 the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitization. On 22nd of March of every year the world marks the World Water Day which is celebrated both locally and internationally.

Kenya happens to be among the enviable when it comes to water quality and diversity. With big shots like the Nile flowing into our Lake Victoria basin, outstanding desert lakes like Lake Turkana supporting the livelihoods of most of our people in the northern regions of Kenya, the numerous hot water springs distributed within the country, the Mara river that catalyzes one on the seven wonders of the world, it is undeniable that Kenya is deserving of jealousy. And this is to mention just but a few.

But our recent waves of activities over the past few years are proving to be detrimental to the well-being of our lakes and rivers. Increased poverty levels have seen the clearing of our forest as a means of generating income to sustain livelihoods which eventually is leading to the slow but sure death of our water bodies. Increased populations in our developing countries have also increased to clearing of our forest particularly the Mau forest for settlement and development which has greatly affected our water towers and has gone to the extent of affecting the people of Kenya together with the wildlife.

2016-2017 was tough period for Kenya. With the ongoing climate change and increased temperatures, the western parts of the country witnessed what they had never seen before. Their dependent streams which they used for domestic purposed seemed to have dried up. There was no difference between the stream beds and the normal usual grounds. This was in addition to the little to no rains that fell during the second growing period that left farmers in these regions with barely any little food to take them through to the next growing season.

From where we stand as a country, we have no other option but to act and to act fast. We need to recognize that this is our country and the situation we are in is as a result of the choices we have made in the past. We need not to seek to place blame but instead we need to claim responsibility for our future if we are to move forward.  The solution does not lie with the government or with foreign aid. The solution lies with you and with me. We need to work hand in hand with each other and with the government to find a lasting solution to our problem. We need to work as a team to curb this upcoming menace amongst us. Whether it is digging dams, planting trees or educating the community on the importance of conserving and protecting our water sources it should be a joint effort.

Article submitted by:
Dolphine Magero



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