From Nairobi to Durban by Road ..........
Kenyan youth mapping the route to Durban
In November 2011, Starting from Nairobi, Kenya, youth from Africa joined by other global youth from as far as Norway and the UK will go on a Climate Caravan  that will show the world that the impossible is possible. For about three weeks, over 100 youth will cross Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and Botswana, and finally into South Africa in buses.

In all these countries we shall  sing out and dance for climate justice in huge shows, and collect petitions from local youth organizations. Through music, dance and theatre, we will not only educate communities on climate change but also learn from them about what they are doing to combat climate change.
In Durban we will be received by religious leaders in a massive rally in one of Durban’s new football stadiums. In this rally they will hand over the petitions they have collected along the way to political leaders.

We shall also be received by fellow youth gathered at the 7th Conference of Youth (COY).
There hasn’t been a similar climate caravan before. It will be challenging, tiring, time-consuming, even strenuous but most importantly, it will be enlightening, impactful and world changing; and just maybe it’s the difference we’ve all been wanting to make......We have faith.
At the 2nd Writeshop to finalize on the strategy and report back on progress from various groups
The odds are many, ranging from securing funding; getting visas to all the countries the caravan will pass especially for non-Kenyans, coordinating with youth from different countries, getting to the various locations on time, safety among others. But the youth are ambitious, and will not let anything stop them in this fight for climate justice. 

Our ultimate goal: A Fair and Legally Binding Deal at COP 17 in Durban, South Africa.

Our Call: Help take us on this Road show.... follow us on our blog, spread the word, donate funds or link us to potential donors, take time to give comments.....and most importantly join us on the Road show!