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We are the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change – Kenya (Kenya Chapter), a group of young Kenyans dedicated to fighting for climate change and for the future of the young people. The Africa Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC) was founded in 2006 at the 12th Conference of Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Nairobi. The network brings together youth organizations, students groups and movements in Africa that work on environmental and sustainable development projects, and who all have a common vision to combat Climate Change.
Our key Goals are to ensure the participation of African Youth in the Climate Change debate at the national through international levels, identify and seek support for youth driven Climate Change best practices and appraise the youth awareness and understanding of Climate Change and its impacts.
Over the past few years, the movement has implemented varied projects in various African countries ranging from advocacy projects with students, trainings, film-making to documenting youth best practices, making of solar powered products, involvement in policy making processes with the government, research among many others. The network is currently in 31 African countries.
This blog, is just a tip of what the movement is all about in Kenya. We hope that our work will inspire you to take action in your own country and change the society.
Feel free to drop your comments, and be a guest editor.

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Current Leadership Team


National Coordinator  


Profession: Rapporteur; Freelance Writer 

Academic Qualification: Bachelors of Environmental Studies (Environmental Studies and Community Development) 

 Additional Accolades: I am also trained paralegal.

Mission: My mission as the National Coordinator of AYICC is to incorporate participatory and inclusive leadership in my daily engagements with the key objective of developing capacity and partnerships among Kenyan youth so that they rise against the impacts of Climate Change. 

"The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity.Without it,no real success is possible"


Deputy National Co-ordinator

Accademic Qualifications: M.A Disaster and Risk Management
B.A Creative Arts and French

Additonal Accolades:
Safe Global Water Fellow 2012
Young African Leadership Initiative 2016

Mission: To make AYICC a vibrant youth moveent cascading skills and interest in Climate Change

Area of Interest: Climate Change Disaster, Disaster Management, Natural Resources Conservation

                 "Dare to re-invent the future"


Projects Coordinator

Profession: Environmental expert (EIA/EA).
Academic qualification: MSc climate change adaptation, Institute of Climate Change Adaptation, University of Nairobi.
BSc Environmental Science, Kenyatta University, current

Additional accolades: He is registered with NEMA (National Environmental Management Authority) as an Associate Expert and also with Environmental institute of Kenya. Four years of working experience in the field of environment. Natural Resource Conservationist and interested in climate change adaptation and integration with indigenous knowledge.

Mission: Ensure effective and efficient day to day implementation, coordination and participating in monitoring of all AYICC projects under different working groups. Maintain and establish linkages with other regional and national climate change organizations and projects while identifying opportunities for partnership and collaboration with other agencies and organizations.
"The arguments are over, climate change is here with us to stay;
we either adapt or die!"


Communications co-ordinator





Communications Coordinator 


Profession:Freelance environmental blogger
Academic qualification: BSc. Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management; University of Nairobi Class of 2017
Additional accolades: While in third year, he managed the Environmental Journalism project at the University of Nairobi. Here he successfully championed for funding for the project and facilitated the training of members to be environmental journalists. He led the University Club in making environmentally related videos, setting up and managing the social media sites as well as updating the website regularly. 
Mission: My mission as the communications coordinator is to elevate AYICC’s current position by showcasing projects carried out on different social platforms and effectively communicating the climate change message at a grassroots level.

"The greatest threat to our planet is the belief
that someone else will save it"


Finance and Administration Coordinator



AYICC Kenya Advisory Board

Chairperson - Clifford Omondi Okwany: cliffmode2006@gmail.com
Vice Chairperson - Belinda Makadia: belindamakadia@gmail.com
Secretary - Fredrick Ouma: fredrickmbima@gmail.com


1. David Kuria: dwainkuria@gmail.com
2. Georgina Chepkonga: cjgeorgina@gmail.com
3. Brian Okoth: brianokoth@gmail.com
4. Prince Papa: omugataya@gmail.com

You can read more about the AYICC on www.ayicc.net